Sight loss awareness and training

If you are looking for a company that can organise sight loss awareness programmes, contact Eyes For Success. We serve customers in London.

Training and consultancy services

At Eyes For Sight, we give specialised training to schools, companies, charitable organisations and more on working with visually impaired people. We help organisations in understanding the challenges and barriers faced by visually impaired people. Through our training programmes, you will understand the needs of visually impaired people and the benefits they can bring to your organization. Get in touch with us for more information on our services.
About us
Sight loss training

Our services include:

  • Visual awareness training
  • Socialising events
  • Consultancy services
Take a look at our training pictures in the gallery page.
Visual awareness training to schools

Services for local schools and businesses

We provide training and consultancy to schools and businesses on providing an appropriate environment for visually impaired people. Our team can help you with setting up special equipment for people with sight loss.
"Ramona gives me the confidence to go back into society and the community and to look for a new job, whether it will be in the public, private sector or sector. She gives me the confidence to help people living with sight loss. The trips she has organized for us have been excellent with well thought out planning."

- Adara Kabara
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Are you looking for a company that conducts sight loss awareness programmes in London? Contact Eyes For Success on
07730 410 788
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