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If you are looking for an organisation that provides visual impairment training, contact Eyes For Success. We serve clients in and around the London area.
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Support for visually impaired people

At Eyes For Support, we support people who are visually impaired and those who are at the risk of sight loss. One of our aims is to educate and train organisations to take care of visually impaired people. We can help families in understanding the problems of a visually impaired person and the ways to help them. Get in touch with us for more information on our services.
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Building confidence

As an organisation, we help visually impaired people to become confident and independent. We can help them in gaining confidence to meet new people and interacting within their local community.
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Why choose us?

  • Friendly and a warm service
  • Caring environment
  • Aids for charities
  • Visual impairment training and consultancy 
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Social meetings

We organise meetings that bring parents, guardians, caretakers, siblings and people with visual impairment togetherThrough this initiative we can create a bonding between the visually impaired people and the others.

Take a look at our video below:

"Ramona gets people together who are like-minded and doesn’t want to sit around in the house doing nothing. I am inspired by the work she does and how she organises the events and trips for us to attend. Ramona also helps people to become independent so that they can use public transport and ask the staff for help when needed, meet people born with sight loss or have recently lost their sight for whatever reason and help them integrate back into society and their community."

- James McLean
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For visual impairment training in London, contact Eyes For Success on
07730 410 788
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